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Network & Server Monitoring

Acumen technicians use state-of-the-art systems monitoring tools to automate the identification of potential issues in your network.  We continuously monitor your IT system infrastructure including CPUs, servers, routers, switches, bandwidth, applications, cloud services, databases, performance, and the availability of important network devices in real time. Our monitoring tools allow us to observe your hardware, software or services data, as well as analyze it to determine where problems are originating or why they are occurring.

we are able to

Address Issues Quickly

Our proactive tools enable us to address any issues before they become operational problems for you.  In the event of a malfunction or disruption, an alert is created.  Alerts are immediately converted into tickets for our expert technicians who then analyze, correct, and report on all valid issues.  There may be a simple solution like a reboot or upgrade needed, or something more sinister like malware or ransomware.  Either way, we will identify the problem and perform or recommend a solution, based on the issue.

we maintain the

Health of your Network

Our expertise with network systems allows us to structure alerting and notifications and provide Managed IT Services to you proactively in order to maintain the health of your network.  By formally integrating Systems Monitoring into your business environment, you can dramatically improve operations along a wide variety of metrics.

You want your systems to work so your business can work.  We want that too.  

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