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Acumen Managed Anti-Virus is a comprehensive solution for automatically detecting and removing threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware. We help you maximize the value and power of Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which consistently ranks as a top product for endpoint protection, performance, and security. Centrally managing detections and events, monitoring scans and protections, setting exclusions, and executing remediation actions for all protected endpoints, our Managed Anti-Virus solution strengthens your defenses.

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Viruses, Malware & Spyware Detected and Removed

We gather essential data to identify and prioritize Microsoft Defender incidents and perform remediation.  If a virus is detected on a system, the event is reported to the Acumen Network Operations Center. According to the severity of the threat, it is triaged, isolated, and removed. Technicians then monitor the affected system closely to ensure that the virus is successfully removed. Any exceptions are noted, and technicians are available to assist further if desired. We are able to execute remediation actions for all endpoints at an account, organizational, or host level, saving precious time.

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Strengthen Your Frontline Protection

Strengthen your frontline protection with Acumen Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware and Microsoft Defender, and fight back against hackers.

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