We provide a

Password Management Tool

Acumen Managed IT Services offers access and support to a Password Management Tool that can be used by employees at your company to keep credentials safe.  Automatically synchronize across devices with cross-browser extensions and mobile apps.  Generate strong passwords, eliminate re-use and credential leak, and automate routine maintenance.  Seamlessly manage strong passwords for all your accounts company-wide and maintain firm control over user- or role-based permissions.

Our Portal is an

Encrypted Portal with 2-Factor Authentication

Our encrypted portal is enabled with 2-Factor Authentication that secures passwords, sensitive data, and other credentials, allowing access only to those who are designated.  It can generate passwords on demand eliminating the need for you to create or remember passwords ever again.  And, the Google Chrome extension allows you to automatically input your passwords into your favorite websites, making your online experience smoother.

The portal

Protects You from Internal & External Threats

This portal makes it easier to manage passwords by allowing you to designate who will – and won’t – have access to each password you save in the system.  Easily grant or revoke access as needed with full historical action tracking.  Strong credentials are essential to keep your IT systems safe from internal and external threats and our Password Manager makes managing them simple.

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