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Business Continuity Plan

To ensure the continued operation of critical systems, user access in the event of system outage, and rapid system recovery, we will create a Business Continuity Plan.  No matter the type or size of business, disruptions can be catastrophic if not planned for ahead of time.  Weather events, natural disasters, power outages, even cybersecurity breeches are interruptions that should be considered to so operations can continue as soon as possible.

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Identify Key Functions & Vulnerabilities

It is important that we identify key business areas and functions, and critical dependencies, as well as any vulnerabilities or identified threats.  Our expert consultants will work with you to determine which key business areas need to continue to function during an outage, and we will design a plan to make that happen in different situations.  We will help you identify and prioritize the processes that have the most impact on your financial and operational functions, and we will pinpoint the recovery time objective – the point at which they must be recovered.  Any known vulnerabilities or identified threats will be analyzed and specific plans will be drawn up to implement safeguards and mitigate those risks as much as possible.  

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Expert Planning

Because your IT infrastructure is to essential to the way you run your business, we provide a Business Continuity Plan that will maximize the efficiency of the response to a disaster.  With over 25 years of experience, our Business Continuity Team is well versed in technology, security, risk management, emergency management, and strategic planning.  They are also experts in emerging and growing technologies that are essential to the plan itself like cloud services and virtualization, as well as ever-evolving threats such as cyberattacks and ransomware.

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