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Your Data is Backed Up Locally and in the Cloud

We backup locally and backup to our cloud servers.  In the event of a failure, we can immediately restore servers locally or in our cloud. Our tailor-made offsite data backup meets the needs of small, medium, and enterprise level businesses and provides a backup solution for your data storage needs.

We provide

Managed Offsite Backups

Offsite backup is crucial for any modern business. We make it easy for you to keep your data safe.  With fast, flexible, reliable backups, you will easily extend your infrastructure with just a few clicks.  Acumen will proactively monitor your facilities and data storage to ensure everything is running smoothly.  If there is an alert, our Security Team of technicians will analyze the situation and report back to you if there is a credible issue.  

We ensure

You Are Covered

Your data is your company, and our backup solution ensures that you’re covered from simple mishaps to major catastrophes.  Storing your data offsite will protect it from location-based events, like weather or power outages, to ransomware or other cyber attacks.  If your data is ever lost or compromised, we will restore your backup for you.  And, if your data is ever held hostage with ransomware, there will be no need to pay the ransom.  Managed backups ensure you can get back on track quickly.  

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