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ThreatOps Security

Acumen Managed IT Services is proud to have a team that looks into potential threats, analyzes hacker tradecraft, creates incident reports, and provides a degree of analysis and expertise that software-only solutions simply can’t match. We don’t just respond to active incidents, we actively hunt for potential exposures, notify you of potential vulnerabilities, and identify ways to help fortify your security environment. 

Our security teams

Collect, Analyze, Report, and Remediate

Collect: We look for footholds and backdoors in startup folders, autoruns, scheduled tasks and more places hackers like to hide. Analyze: We move beyond automated detection with contextually aware manual analysis.  Our ThreatOps Team reviews endpoint and agent surveys from around the globe to catch even the sneakiest threats.  Report: After investigating, we send you a custom incident report to share our findings and outline next steps.  Remediate:  We execute remediation steps swiftly, and provide detailed recommendations for any additional work that should be completed.

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Around-the-Clock Threat Protection

You will receive around-the-clock coverage while our ThreatOps Team hunts, detects, and responds to threats.  The fight against bad actors requires more than just software and automation. We apply intelligence to each potential situation.  

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