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Security & Awareness Training

We help ensure your employees are using today’s best security practices and keeping your business safe.  Acumen provides Security & Awareness Training for you and your employees with over 25 video topics (5-6 minutes long each) including everything from How to Avoid Phishing Scams to the Benefits of Password Managers to Privacy & Data Classification and the Consequences of PHI Release.  These timely, relevant topics will help your employees avoid internal and external threats against your organization.  And, the training is always included in our Managed IT Services package. You decide which videos to share with your employees, and we track their progress.

We deliver

Reports on Employee Progress

You will receive reports so you can track progress and pinpoint areas where more education is needed. As employees watch videos, they are given short quizzes to measure their understanding of the information.  This data is then reported back to you to pinpoint areas where additional education or attention may be required. Learn more about the progress reports and What to Expect.

Employees need training Because

90% of Security Breaches are caused by Human Error

No matter how savvy you think your employees are, remember that 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. The vast majority of those are preventable with proper training, procedures, and vigilance. Prevention starts with education. Your employees are your first line of defense against many types of errors and threats. That’s why Acumen offers Security & Awareness Training, Phishing Simulations, Password Management, and our entire Cybersecurity Management arsenal.

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