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Phishing Simulations

Acumen provides Phishing Simulations for your employees so you can see how they perform in real-world scenarios and follow up with education as needed with Security & Awareness Training. Would your employees open a fishy email?  How about a more legitimate-looking one?  Would they click a link?  Open an attachment?  Provide information? Find out how they do before a crisis occurs. 

We help prepare your

First Line of Defense - Your Employees

We make sure your employees are your first line of defense against cyberattacks by ensuring they handle suspicious emails properly. We send emails to your employees with simulated phishing attacks and track how they handle them. Then, we report back to you so you can decide if further education is needed to keep your company secure by letting the employees do the phishing prevention. Learn more about What to Expect with our Phishing Simulation program.

Simulations are an important learning tool;

90% of Security Breaches are caused by Human Error

Simulations are an important learning tool; they show both the employee and the employer how well prepared they are for a cyberattack. Since 90% of security breaches are caused by human error, the best you can do is be prepared. Prevention starts with education. That’s why Acumen offers Security & Awareness Training, Phishing Simulations, Password Management, and our entire Cybersecurity Management arsenal.

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