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Comprehensive Patch Management

Acumen offers a comprehensive patch management suite to manage Microsoft and third-party software patches & updates, keeping your machines secure from the latest threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. As vulnerabilities are uncovered within applications or networks, fixes or “patches” are created and must be applied to the system. Patches can fix security issues, implement bug fixes, and improve performance and usability of applications and programs. If patches and updates are kept current, it results in a technology environment that is secure against known weaknesses.

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Network-Wide Patches & Updates

As soon as a security update or patch is released, our service automatically scans your network and enables us to install it on all machines network-wide. This minimizes the time it takes from release to deployment to your entire fleet. Our powerful policy-based patching automation allows us to schedule patches to ensure minimal disruption to business operations. We follow through with reporting with a comprehensive view of changes made, patches applied, those missing, and any that failed to deploy so we can get them on track.

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Patches Work for You

Acumen engineers review and evaluate the patches issued, configure, and implement policies, monitor them, and work with you to determine appropriate implementation and reboot policies for your environment. Patch Management is crucial to keep your systems secure and protected against security breaches.

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