We provide monthly

External Vulnerability Scans

Acumen provides monthly external vulnerability scanning of your firewall and website to identify and eliminate potential areas of security risk and weakness. While we can’t give away too much here, we can explain that this service provides a view of your security from a different angle, with a different lens – so to speak.  So that we can see your vulnerabilities the way a hacker would. Then we eliminate them so they are no longer a problem.

we detect weaknesses and

Prevent Attacks

The vulnerability scan detects points where a system can be exploited or attacked by hackers attempting to gain unauthorized access. We are able to check all edge devices (e.g., firewalls, routers) to determine if there is an exposed port. Any open port can be an attack surface, but sometimes they are required to provide necessary services to an organization.  Ensuring ports are open only in a secure manner is vital.

We assess results and

Protect Your Systems

We assess the results of each scan and pursue remediation actions to protect your systems. We do this monthly because changes can be made by your in-house IT people or third-party equipment vendor. Additionally, there may be devices on the network that are installed internally, like printers or IoT devices that will need to be checked. It is important that the scans run like clockwork to keep your systems safe.

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External Vulnerability Scanning