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Off-Network User Security

Acumen manages off-network Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering, which blocks unwanted or harmful content. Businesses put these filters in place to block employees or guest Wi-Fi users from specific sites, like social media or sites with illegal content. But their most important function is to block sites that could be harmful – those attempting to administer phishing, ransomware, or cryptojacking attacks.

scanning Solution with

Advanced AI

There are roughly 200,000 new domains everyday. So how can DNS Filtering keep up? Even previously “safe” website may become compromised. That’s why we use a solution that has advanced AI scanning every page that your users attempt to load, and block any that may be a threat.


Interstitial Filter

When a user on your platform accesses a new domain, the scanner performs a real-time classification. The domain is categorized and matched against the policies you’ve already set to determine if access is allowed.  Partnerships with organizations like the Internet Watch Foundation and New Scotland Yard ensure that we cast a wide net for Terrorism and Abuse websites.

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