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Should You Upgrade to Windows 11? Here's what you need to know about the User Experience

Chapter 2:

windows 11 user Experience

Windows 11 Desktop

Here’s a look at all of the major features, changes and enhancements you’ll find so far in the next generation of Windows.

The Desktop
The Windows 11 desktop shows off the new
Fluent design makeover with the
new Taskbar resting at the bottom.
The Taskbar
Centered or left-aligned, the
Windows 11 Taskbar is still home
to open and pinned apps.
Start Menu
The Start menu sports one of the
biggest changes in Windows 11
with a sparse layout showing only pinned,
recommended and recently used apps.
The Windows 11 Lockscreen is sparse but simple
with just your calendar, mail or weather on display
and an image nestled in the background.
File Explorer
The Windows 11 File Explorer replaces
the Ribbon with a command bar, sporting
smaller icons for all the key commands.
Virtual Desktops
Microsoft improved the virtual desktops
feature in Windows 11 so you can
more easily create multiple desktops
to juggle different apps.
Snap Layout
Microsoft has enhanced the
snap layout feature in Windows 11
so you can more easily position
multiple windows on the screen.
Multi-Copy & Paste
Copy up to 24 items
in your Office Clipboard,
and then access them in your
Clipboard History to paste.
Options
Choose Face Recognition, Fingerprint,
PIN, Security Key, Password,
or Picture Password.
Settings App
(formerly Control Panel)
Similar to Control Panel, the Settings app
will be using a new navigation menu
on the left side of the window and
all options will have icons next to their title.
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Details about Snap Layouts

A new set of features to Microsoft Windows 11 will be the introduction of Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops. These offer a “powerful way to multitask and stay on top of what you need to get done,” according to the Microsoft’s press release. With these Windows 11 features, users can organize windows and optimize screen real estate for a cleaner visual layout. Users can create and customize separate Desktops for each part of their life — like one for work and one for personal use.

What will this improved user experience mean to you?

Windows 11 has beautiful features that are easy to use and directionally aligned to the new world of hybrid work.  

The significant security improvements will be the reason you decide to go with Windows 11.  But, you’ll enjoy your experience because of the UI.